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Hochschule Coburg presentation at imm Cologne 2020

Hochschule Coburg presentation at imm Cologne   Creative Chaos with angles and ridges: The booth, designed and built by students in their fifth semester of studying Interior Architecture at the University Of Applied Sciences in Coburg, shows, at a glance, a clean geometry, but soon reveals to the interested visitor the content of teaching and learning at the Campus Design. Students of the four study courses, consisting of Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design and Civil Engineering, have captured the latter on the booth by sketching, drawing and writing. The result could be visited from 13 th January 2020 in hall 3.1 on imm cologne.  The design of this booth is based on a concept by Anna Gindele, also a student of interior design at the University Of Applied Sciences in Coburg, which was awarded with the university prize for modern and lightweight construction.

Full scale installation with students for Istanbul Design Campus 2019

Together with Berlin Artist Abel Korinsky Students from Coburg and Istanbul created a sound installation for Istanbul Design week in November 2019 Video

Coworking environment as full scale urban intervention

Summer School in Split 2018 and 2019 2018 The working environment as urban intervention: „Co-Working at the Beach“ - a workshop about the design of the working environment with a full scale installation project to create a real own working environment on the beach. 2019 The working environment as urban intervention: „Co-Working @ Split“ - a workshop about the design of a working environment as urban intervention. Tape as media.

Baumeister 1-2018 'Arbeitswelten' about the working environment

The Baumeister 1-2018 issue on the working environment was curated by Tanja Remke and me. Check the website for a reading example: baumeister 01-18

Poster Presentation at PRATT Interior Architecture Theory Symposium 2018: Interior Provocations - Interiors without Architecture, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NYC, 3./4.2.2018

Space Mining - Hochschule Coburg presentation at Köln Passagen 2018

Hochschule Coburg presentation together with Hochschule Mainz, Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart and Hochschule Kaiserslautern Students from Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts created and realized the design for a presentation of their school together with tree other Universities of Applied Scinces. The idea was to focus on a spacial installation which was created by the theme "Space Mining". Space - in this case - has two meanings. Space is created by Interior Architecture. And Space is something mysterious. The students from coburg created a central information and bar element that looked like a stranded transport-spaceship.